Circa 2010. Back in Chile visiting my sister during her study abroad there.
Circa 2010. Back in Chile visiting my sister during her study abroad there.

Hey there, I’m Elizabeth.  Welcome to my blog. I like to write about the places I’ve been and the place(s) I live.  Originally from the pacific northwest of the US, I now live in my adopted home, Baltimore, Maryland.

I learned to love traveling when I joined my parents on a business trip to Chile which inspired me to live and travel overseas.  Eventually I studied abroad in Ecuador and Chile and then served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Malawi.  With each stint or trip, the purpose behind travel evolved into a drive for social justice and cultural humility.  For the last several years, I have worked in the “service-learning” field where I help college students (both undergrad and graduate) to be involved and volunteer in their communities (the service part) and do it with humility and a sense of self-awareness (the learning part).  I spent several years organizing short-term immersions called Alternative Breaks where students traveled locally, nationally, and internationally to conduct service around and learn about specific social justice issues.  Now I focus more locally.

I’m at that place in life (my thirties) where the desire to “settle down” (whatever that means) and the desire to travel everywhere sometimes compete in my psyche especially since both take time and money.  Thus, I am trying to make the most out of my experiences and write about them in this blog.

As far as the writing goes, I’m also currently working on a Masters in Writing from Johns Hopkins University. You all get to see my progress on the blog (whenever I do get a chance to write)

My regular travel companion is my husband, Cory, who turns up from time to time in the blog.  He’s a better photographer than me, but I can say with confidence, most of the photos here are mine unless otherwise specified.

Me and Cory in a Malawian Village
Me and Cory in a Malawian Village

If you saw this page before and wanted to see my travel timeline I arduously put together, you can find there here.


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