NYC Mini Moon

After our the wedding, we knew we had to get away. We decided not to go on our honeymoon until the Fall, so we decided on three post-nuptial nights in New York that we dubbed our “Mini Moon.” Baltimore is a mere 2 1/2-hour train ride from NYC, yet we never travel up there. It’s always something we intend to do, so we figured three nights would be perfect to decompress from the wedding and not be in our own home being sad that it was all over.

Although we did quite a bit around the city, we spent a good portion of the time hanging out in our adorable hotel room (at The Ludlow Hotel) watching HGTV. Nothing says celebration like a Property Brothers marathon. We did manage to get out and about though before a massive cold threw me on my ass for a few days.

Here are some highlights from the week…

Mini Moon Celebrations

2015-03-31 19.23.23 Mini Moon Celebrations

So, we like food. We don’t like to call ourselves “foodies” because it’s silly. It doesn’t really describe the person who will go out for a delicious gourmet meal for dinner, but eat a can of beans (with salt of course) at lunch. (The latter is Cory’s favorite “meal” when I’m not around to dirty up the pots and pans.) That said, we did a pretty damn good job of eating delicious things while on the minimoon.

We also did a good job at dropping the term “honeymoon.” Make note of this because you can get you some free things. So, of course, we milked it. It all started when our amazing friend, Carmen, went ahead and told ABC Kitchen that we were there to celebrate our “Mini Moon” and bought us a bottle of delicious Prosecco. And because of their knowledge of our celebration, then the restaurant gave us some tasty mini mini-moon cupcakes.

From that point on, we decided to drop the magic words covertly whenever we could. It got us a couple of free glasses of champagne (see photo above where the bartender at a cute little bar we can’t remember the name of poured all three of us a celebratory coup of bubbly). At Prune on our last night, though, Cory made a couple of attempts to drop the hint (“I am so glad we get to eat at this delicious restaurant for our honeymoon,” said in a convincing tone and loud enough), but our waitresses attention to us was limited to order-taking and food/drink-bringing. So, we ended up just making our own little celebration because the waitress felt a little cold that our dropping hints seemed pointless. The food was good, though!

Coffee Coffee Coffee…and Donuts

2015-03-30 19.22.17 2015-03-31 10.28.18 2015-04-02 11.37.21-1

Photo by Cory
Photo by Cory
Photo by Cory
Photo by Cory
Photo by Cory
Photo by Cory


The other thing on the agenda was coffee. Coffee is always on the agenda in our lives. We vowed not to buy too many bags this time, though, thinking back on our trip to Portland-Seattle-Spokane last summer when lugged ten bags of beans home with us. It took up most of Cory’s luggage. It is the best souvenir, of course. But, we’ve vowed to cool it with the coffee bags. So, we just drank copious amounts of coffee. And a few donuts. And, of course, we documented it.


Chinatown 1 (1 of 1) Chinatown 2 (1 of 1) Lower East Side 1 iphone photo (1 of 1) Lower east side buildings 1 (1 of 1) Lower East Side Fire Escapes BW (1 of 1) lower eastside building 5 iphone photo (1 of 1) View from the Ludlow 3 (1 of 1)

Something I love about walking around urban environments are buildings. I’m captivated by them: particularly grime-streaked brick and zig-zagging fire escapes. So much history is wrapped up in the architecture where time only seems to make a structure more appealing. So, what do I do when I go to New York? Make Cory stop and wait while I take pictures of buildings. And in New York, there are a lot of them. So, Cory did a lot of waiting.

Other Things

2015-03-31 08.25.25
View from our hotel balcony
Nighttime View from the Hotel
Nighttime View from the Hotel

We somehow got a free upgrade to a room with a terrace. We spent about…well…five minutes outside because it was cold. When we walked into our tiny, but beautiful room in The Ludlow, I went straight for the french doors leading to the terrace to see what we got. And it was gorgeous. A beautiful view of the city from our lower east side vantage point. Couldn’t not document it. Too bad these photos are the only times we got to take it in.

oyster bar 6 fuji (1 of 1)
Grand Central Oyster Bar
Oysters from the Grand Central Oyster Bar
Oysters from the Grand Central Oyster Bar
More Grand Central Oyster Bar - just couldn't help another photo cuz this place is freaking beautiful
More Grand Central Oyster Bar – just couldn’t help another photo cuz this place is freaking beautiful

Afar magazine has fantastic travel tips (you should follow and check some of them out). Among them is a guide I’ve been saving for just this trip, the Where to Find Old-World New York City guide. Like grimy buildings, I’m draw to subway tile, the dim lighting, and intricate carvings that take you back in time. In short, I love old things. And there are a lot of old things in New York. Maybe not as old as some places that boast ancient ruins, but old for America. The top of my list of old things to see was the 102-year-old Grand Central Oyster Bar, specifically to sit at the bar and watch the waiters arrange the oysters and chat with customers. It’s like an hour of eating in early 20th century New York.

Grand Central Station
Grand Central Station

You can’t go to Grand Central Oyster Bar without going to Grand Central Station, a first for me on my handful of trips up to NYC. This structure is worthy of a good long stop through to gaze up at the roof and the marble carving.

LIbrary 2 (1 of 1)
Piermont Morgan Library

Also on the Old World NYC list of mine was the JP Morgan Library and Museum. I’m a nerd for the aesthetic of old-ass books and this did not disappoint. It’s incredible to me that one person can collect so many rare books and keep them in such an insanely ornate setting. Seriously, this was once someone’s private residence. The museum is worth checking out for the library, but we also wandered to a rotating exhibit on Lincoln which was actually pretty cool. Kinda disappointing to have to pay for entrance when DC and its free museums are so close to us, but lovely nonetheless.

Street Art
Photos by Cory

banksy like painting fuji (1 of 1) Lower East Side 2 iphone photo (1 of 1) 2015-04-01 08.48.19-1

Our walk through the lower east side on our way to Chinatown was incredible. We were late meeting our friends for dim sum because there were so many amazing buildings and colors and street art pieces that we kept stopping to photograph them. We intended to go back that way at some point on the trip, but we never did. For the next trip, I suppose.

On the Highline
On the Highline
2015-04-01 15.02.12
Newlywed Subway Selfie
Photo by Cory

And then of course, we had to take some newlywed photos of ourselves.

Not much of a travel narrative, but it was a great trip. Since our time is limited on the east coast, we have plans to go back. There are more old world sites on the list and many many many restaurants that we want to try. Let’s hope we can fit them in sometime in the next nine months.

Now, on to our big honeymoon trip to Copenhagen and Croatia! And you bet we’ll be dropping the “h-word” there as well!


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