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Someone asked me the other day how long Cory and I had been married. It feels like we only got married a couple weeks ago, but with a couple seconds of counting the months on my fingers, I realized it has been almost 5 months! Five months since we got hitched!

Of course, we just had a second wedding reception in Spokane, WA, my hometown, so, the planning really didn’t stop after March. But, as of March 28th, we have been riding on that adventure of marriage. And it feels…pretty much the same. Except for the fact that we’re not planning a wedding anymore (which is awesome).

Because so much of our money and time has been focused on wedding planning, the trips have been fairly minimal. We’ve also been quite preoccupied. In fact, I was silly enough to take a class in the home stretch of our wedding planning. It wasn’t terrible in retrospect, but I’m only now feeling like I can catch my breath from it all.

And with that, I re-enter the blogosphere with a post all about the wedding. Well, really, it’s about the wedding photos. Our incredible photographers, Kristiaan and Lionel (who make up the most amazing photography duo, The Madious) captured our wedding and the feel so perfectly that it feels like we’re traveling back to the best day of our lives every time we scroll through the photos or watch the slideshow they sent us.

It was nearly impossible to narrow the photos down to just a handful (and by a handful I mean 20ish, but that’s pretty damn good when you start from 800+). And the truth is, it’s hard to pick any favorites, so what  I did was choose the photos that captured the essence of what really was one of the best days of our lives.

0140 0174 0187 0214 0236

When we planned for a March 28th wedding, we had no idea what the weather would be like. We knew it’d be cold, we had no idea it would be THIS cold: 35 degrees! It was 60 the days before and after, but we got a crazy day in March where is snowed! You can’t actually see it in photo above, but there were snowflakes gathering on my recently coifed hair. Other than me getting a bit pissy about the forecast earlier in the week, it didn’t deter us from having an incredible day. Cory and I were determined to follow Kristiaan and Lionel on their amazing vision of capturing an area of Baltimore that we love…with us in it.

0263 0270 0280 0295 0337 0345 0371 0374

We got married at the Corradetti Glassblowing Studio & Gallery in the Woodberry neighborhood of Baltimore. We had been there before because it’s next to one of our favorite restaurants, Woodberry Kitchen (who catered the wedding as well), but we had no idea it was a venue until we started looking for one. The moment we saw it, we knew it was everything we wanted in a space: it was intimate, rustic, and classically Baltimore. It (and Woodberry Kitchen) are in Clipper Mill, a renovated mill. The parking garage across the street where we did many of our portraits is run down and kind of dilapidated (we assume that’s on purpose). When we showed Kristiaan and Lionel the place, they, like us drooled over the appeal of cracked windows and rusty old beams. So, we spent about two hours in the freezing cold posing in dark corners, wobbling on rickety pallets, and stepping over dead rats and had so much fun that we got started late with family portraits.

0439 0457 0491 0645

Beyond the beauty of the place itself, it was being around all the people we loved in one place and we were overwhelmed and elated from the very moment people started arriving into town. But, especially when the ceremony began. Kristiaan and Lionel caught those special moments that we didn’t even remember happening because it flies by. They captured the pure joy we felt that day. Our officiant, our dear friend, Melody Porter, helped us put together an incredible ceremony that we felt everyone was a part of. The toasts were so meaningful, heartfelt and funny. And somehow, somehow, you could just tell that from looking at the photos.

And then, of course, they captured the party…


It’s worth a pause to point out that we had the most amazing band play at our wedding. Bosley and his crew are freaking amazing and we boogied all night long to David Bowie, James Brown, and a few of their original songs.


0683 0720 0816 0808 0854 0887

The day was truly incredible. Just being around almost all the people that you love and that were a part of making us the people we are was amazing. Since neither Cory nor I are from the East Coast, many of our guests came from the West Coast and the Midwest to celebrate. We wanted to show them the Baltimore we know and love and we feel that we did that through the venue, the vendors we chose, and the other activities we had around the city. What can I say, it was incredible and we would do it all over again as long as we didn’t have to plan it or pay for it.

Our Vendors:

Photography: The Madious

Bride’s Dress: BHLDN

Hair & Makeup: Haute Blow Dry Bar (hair by Brooke)

Groom’s Suit: Duchess Clothier

Flowers: Local Color Flowers

Officiant: Melody Porter

Band: Bosley

Venue: Corradetti Glassblowing Studio & Gallery

Catering: Woodberry Kitchen


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