I’m back…I think

Ignorance is bliss, right? A year and a half ago, I was whiling away in my ignorance on this blog writing whatever the hell I felt like. Now 15 months and 5 classes into an actual writing program, I’m afraid to go back to my old blog posts and I’m stuck in this apprehensive limbo, confidence in my writing just beyond my reach.

I’ve been writing. Oh, have I been writing. Not here, though. For all these classes I’m taking. And I’ve been reading. This time, I’m paying attention not just to what people write, but how tI’m hey write it. And well, it makes me feel like shit.

I feel improvement, I really do. But, words don’t flow out of me like they used to. It’s the old “break you down before they build you up” thing. Now that I’m just over halfway through with the writing program, I’m hoping that building up part comes tout suite. I have all these ideas (also a result of the program), but am wondering if I can pull them off. One of those ideas is a book, actually. Not ever anything I thought I would be interested in. But, with the excitement also comes the self-questioning.

Nonetheless, I’ve decided to come back to the blog. I’ve gotta start flexing those muscles again.

I don’t know how often or for what purpose quite yet, but I do know that whatever I write about might be a bit different than before. Previously, I was working on more long-form creative nonfiction pieces. These were great, because they helped me develop material to get into writing program.

While working on the more creative pieces for school (and hopefully publication elsewhere), I’ll be doing more of the traditional, shorter bloggy posts here. That’s what people reading a blog want anyway. This is also what my sister, the communications guru, has been trying to get me to do.

So, that’s where the blog stands as of now.

What about the traveling you say?

We’re still traveling on occasion. Much less often these days as apparently weddings cost a lot of money and we’ve put even smaller trips on the back burner until we get hitched next March and the subsequent celebrations. But, there’s plenty of great happenings in Baltimore. This is a blog about “place,” after all, not necessarily travel.

That all being said, stay tuned…

And, if you have suggestions/thoughts on what you want to hear about, let me know!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. rathchakra says:

    Welcome back!! With you on the self questioning thing. Have accepted it as the norm. Looking forward to more posts – ok whatever subject that calls you out. And if you ever write a book …well I for one will be buying it the day it’s released.

  2. Elizabeth D says:

    Thanks Ajit! And thanks for the encouragement. Coming back to the blog is helping me confront self questioning. It’s so easy to just sit back and not doing anything about it.

    Re the book, I’m sure it’ll be awhile before the book happens. I would love to chat with you about the book. It’ll also involve some travel/living overseas if I can get some funding. India is on that potential list!

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