Celebrating Two Years in Baltimore

Two years ago today, I roped in several friends and my sister to help me haul what little I had the 50 or so miles between my previous home in DC to my new home, Baltimore.  I knew I needed a change in my life, as the previous job and city only contributed to my unhappiness/anxiety, but I really had no idea what kind of change moving a few miles up the freeway would have on me.

I was so excited about the move, I had plans to create a blog solely centered on my adventures in Baltimore, the creation of which would make me that much more excited to jump into investigating my new city.  I did start a blog, but I felt something Baltimore-centric was going to set me up for potential failure of my self-imposed commitment.  After all, right before I moved, a psychic did tell me I was being too controlling about my life (true story), so I scrapped any plans that resembled “controlling my life” and just went with it.

I had no idea how much I’d fall in love with Baltimore without forcing myself to get out there and see everything there was to see in the city.  It all happened perfectly and organically.  I did have the added bonus of meeting the love of my life a mere month after I moved and got engaged a few weeks before my two-year Baltimore anniversary on our deck overlooking the harbor and the beautiful row houses of Butchers Hill, so the city also holds that for me, too.

But beyond the awesome things that have happened to me in my time here, I have really come to love this city as my home.  I love the intense pride native Baltimoreans have for their city.  I love the individual cultures of each of the neighborhoods in “Smalltimore.”  I love Baltimore’s famous mustaches – Poe, Boh and Waters (and the occasional combo of the two former). I love the incredible work that passionate and dedicated people are doing with and on behalf of their community and Baltimore residents in need.  I love the completely amazing, but totally under-the-radar food scene.  I love the quirky uniqueness of the place.  Of course, I could go on, but I’ll leave the extended love notes for later posts.

Incidentally, as I reflected on my two years here, I was coincidentally offered another opportunity by Afar magazine to create a guide for Baltimore (was it a coincidence?).  With this assignment, I’m basically categorizing and summarizing the awesomeness that is this city.  I got to do a little bit of that when I created a guide on the website for Baltimore last summer, but this is a bit more involved.  What this project is also doing is giving me some material to show all of YOU the awesomeness that is my adopted city.  Therefore, in honor of the two fantastic years I’ve had in this city, I’m going to dedicate my upcoming posts to what makes this city amazing.  So, stay tuned…

And Happy Baltimore Anniversary to Me!

Dec 2012 - Embracing Baltimore
Dec 2012 – Embracing Baltimore

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