Snow Day

Growing up in Eastern Washington, snow was a given for wintertime.  My school district boasted rare closures during the harshest of winters – I remember once in elementary school the snow reached above my head and we only had 2 days off.  We always scoffed at Seattle’s utter inability to handle a dusting.  Spokane might not be the Mid-West, but we can sure handle our snow storms.

Eventually finding myself in the Mid-Atlantic region where schools and the federal government close at the mere suggestion of snow, I was baffled how oncoming snow storms were treated.  Of course, since the Snowpocalypse/Snomaggedon of 2010 – which legitimately shut down the Mid-Atlantic region for a good week straight – I can see how potential snow leads forecasters eager to name oncoming storms and locals to clear out grocery and hardware stores of all bread, milk, and snow shovels.  But, in the last 4 years, we’ve hardly seen a snow storm of over a couple inches, and the snow only lasts for 2-3 days afterwards.  The mid-atlantic region infamously shut down completely for an uncharacteristic early March “snow storm” last year when all we experienced in the end was a crappy rainy day near 40 degrees.  It was good timing for us, because Cory was off work that day anyway and planned on painting our living room, so the “snow” day gave me the opportunity to help him out a little.

That all being said, we did have a snow storm the other day that forecasters appropriately did not forecast the end of the world (thus, no shortages and long lines at the grocery store), but many of us did have a glorious day off of work.  Incidentally, that was supposed to be my 2nd day back to work after a couple weeks off for the holidays.  Can’t beat an extra day of vacation.  So, while Cory worked (it’s rough being essential hospital staff), I lazed around the house reading and took a beautiful (and frigid) walk around the fresh snowy neighborhood before the snow inevitably turned drab, brown and in the case of this week, crusty.  Spokane’s District 81 might not have given us the day off, but most of us in Baltimore got that day off.  No matter how old you are, you never get tired of a snow day!  Hope you all who experienced it enjoyed it too.

A snowy Patterson Park Pagoda with the city behind it
Sledding at the pagoda
Cold weather selfie
Canton row houses off of Patterson Park
Snow and the harbor
Snowy boats
Snowy Captain Seaweed

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