A Week of Laziness in Spokane

Before I went home to visit my parents for Christmas, I was bound and determined to get out and see parts of Spokane that I rarely see.  This is the first time I had been back since I started this blog, so I wanted to treat the trip like a traveler.  Well, that plan went to shit as soon as I got home.  Not because my mom had an itinerary for us (because she did), but almost immediately I reverted right back to home-from-college laziness and spent a good portion of the time in my pajamas, in front of the TV…and it was awesome.

Okay, so I’m probably over-exaggerating on the laziness.  I mean, I did do some stuff.  I went running with my friend Sarah who moved back to Spokane a couple years ago. But, the road was so icy that the run was more of a somewhat-brisk walk, so the other days I ended up foregoing the run and opting for long mornings with a late breakfast nursing a cup of coffee in front of old episodes of the West Wing.  I did also get to try out a restaurant, the Manito Tap House, I had been meaning to visit for the last couple years, especially since it was featured in Outside Magazine’s profile of Spokane in this summer’s Best Towns 2013 issue.  And I got to go back to an old favorite, Gordy’s Sichuan – a true hole-in-the-wall in a small mini-mini-mall on the south hill that has had some of the best Chinese/Sichuan food I’ve ever had (yes, I know it’s a bold statement, but I stand by it).  Plus, because it’s in Spokane, it’s freaking cheap.

So, there you have it, a little under a week of sitting on my butt and eating.  That’s what the holidays are for.  That being said, here are some photos I took on the trip.  I at least did fulfill one promise to myself to capture just a little of my hometown on film – something I don’t think I’ve ever done in the past.  So, here’s a selection of photos from the trip.

We kicked off the week of eating and sitting with making recipes my mom found  from my Itlian (great-) grandmother and great aunts.  So, we spent my first day in town making gnocchi and the fried Italian pastries (Rosettes and Scalili) – very healthy!

Making Scalili and Rosettes
Making gnocchi with old family recipes

On Christmas Eve, the sisters and I spent the day in downtown Spokane.  This gave me an opportunity to capture the beauty of my hometown – as the first commercial center of the inland northwest, Spokane sat at a juncture of the logging industry, silver mining, and all other things that happened in the American northwest back when this part of the world was considered “new”. 


The River Park Square Mall Christmas Tree
The River Park Square Mall Christmas Tree
Downtown with the Sisters
Downtown with the Sisters

Some other highlights from around town:

No-Li Brewery Tour
The Best View of Spokane
Frost and Sunsets in Manito Park
Frost and Sunsets in Manito Park

And then I can’t forget the drive from Spokane to the Tri-Cities where a good portion of our extended family lives.  When we headed out in the morning, it was frosty and foggy which made for some pretty views as we drove out of Spokane.




And finally, we got a few family pictures out of the week, too!

Mom and Dad – Always Laughing Together
With the Sisters at the Brewery – An Appropriate Place for a Family Photo



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