My 20th Post is a Non-Post Post

Hey Readers,

I come to you today to tell you that I’ve broken a promise with myself.  It’s not completely unsurprising because for someone who likes to write – and aspires to call herself a true writer – I am really terrible at self-motivation (especially when there’s no immediate consequence such as, you know, getting fired or someone getting hurt emotionally or physically).  That said, when I started this blog several months ago, I made a pact with myself that I would post at least once a month.  Well, actually, the progression of that started out more like “I’ll post once a week” and then pretty quickly realized that wasn’t going to happen, so that turned into “I’ll post twice a month on the weekends when I have time” and again, that didn’t happen consistently, which led me to “once a month”.  Certainly there are things to write about, I have a number of posts in the hopper.  It’s bringing them out of the hopper and making them into a blog post that poses the real challenge.  So, as September came and went (seriously, where the hell did September go?!), I have lapsed on my promise to myself.

You might not care, and to be clear, I actually don’t care too much, either.  Since life post grad school/job-I-was-overworked-and-underpaid-for, I’ve realized life’s too short to feel guilty not doing some arbitrary task.  Plus, life gets in the way, and in order to maintain some sanity and not feel guilty all the time for not breaking the promise to myself, I just let it go.  You see, in the month of September, I started a Master’s in Writing program (I guess one masters is not enough, but hopefully this’ll beef this ‘ol blog up with some improving talent over time).  Unfortunately, the class that I’m taking has me mostly reading contemporary American literature.  Since the subject of the class is not necessarily consistent with me talking about travel or place, then you won’t be seeing any of my papers from that course on this blog, but I may be posting about this whole writing program process on the other blog from time to time.

I have also been frantically training for the Baltimore Half-Marathon which occurs in a week and a half.  I say “frantic” because I’ve been seriously lapsing on long runs the last couple weekends and each run feels like I’m desperately trying to make up for lost time and training (which, really is no way to go about training).  Let’s just hope that my mantra I keep telling myself to feel better – “it’s all mental at this point” – will get me to the finish line.  I’m sure it will, probably not as fast as I’ve done it before.

What’s keeping me from the long runs has actually been some traveling.  Although the travels lend themselves well to future posts, it also took up a lot of time.  So in any spare time I have these days, I spend in frenzied reading or running mode.  I have been Instagramming, though!  Yup, These are Not Tan Lines is on Instagram, so please follow if Instragram is your thing.  You can see the recent images if you take your eyes down to the bottom right-hand side of this page.  (Also of note, I  created a travel-themed TANTL Pinterest page to inspire us all to get out there and see the world!).

That all being said, here are some things place/travel-wise I’ve been up to lately and it all has to do with amazing celebrations in loved ones’ lives:


A couple weeks ago, as you might have noted if you follow on Facebook (and you should follow on Facebook), we went out to California, specifically the Russian River Valley, to celebrate my best friend from high school’s wedding.  It was gorgeous, true to their love for the outdoors (as evidenced through the pre-wedding group river float), amazing style, and for the fact they have some talented friends who played some fantastic bluegrass.  Here are some highlights:

Pre-Wedding River Float
Pre-Wedding River Float
"I Do"
“I Do”
View from the Wedding Venue, The Highland Dell, Monte Rio, CA
View from the Wedding Venue, The Highland Dell, Monte Rio, CA
Driving Down Highway 1
Driving Down Highway 1


AND, In mid-September, a close friend celebrated an important birthday.  She did it up right and celebrated with a farm-to-table themed dinner at Origins Farm.  Her friends manage and run the farm and CSA program just outside of Richmond, VA.  You can see from these photos it was an ethereal evening and so true to her personality and love that she gives off.

Mini Lava Cakes (SO. GOOD.)
Mini Lava Cakes (SO. GOOD.)
"Bathrooms" - not connected to the party, just love the signs
“Bathrooms” – not connected to the party, just love the signs
Horses - Also not connected to the party, but added to the country atmosphere
Horses – Also not connected to the party, but added to the country atmosphere
Birthday Candles
Birthday Candles
The Evening Scene. Ethereal, right?
The Evening Scene. Ethereal, right?

With that, I will let you know what I have coming down the line for posts, so keep a look out for some posts about:

1) Our trip to CA, but especially San Francisco

2) A post about why I love Baltimore so much.  Seriously, I’ve been working on this one for awhile and it’s a tough one because there’s so much and so hard to make it concise.  But in the end, it’ll SO be worth the read

Okay, so there are others in the hopper too, but since they’re somewhat undeveloped, I’m not going to hold myself to them.  The above posts I can.

With that, I will now hit “publish” on my 20th blog post!  Hip Hip Hooray!


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