Rolling out the New Header

When I started this blog, I thought long and hard about the direction I wanted it to take.  Having begun another blog previously and giving up on it shortly thereafter (well, for the most part), I realized that I needed a strong direction to keep me writing and hopefully keep people reading (or really in this case, just to get them to read it since I’m still building a base).  One thing I knew up front was I needed to personalize the header.  So, I asked my amazingly talented friend, Amanda Burnham if she would be interested in drawing a header that captured the adventure of travel, the excitement of exploring “place”, and, of course, (not) tan lines.  Well, she accepted, and of course, did an amazing job.  I mean, check out the way she was able to integrate dirt-lined feet without making it look gross?  The woman has talent!  With that, I am officially rolling out the new header.  Enjoy!

Thank you Amanda for this amazing contribution to These Are Not Tan Lines!

You can find out more about Amanda and her work here at her website!



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