My Favorite Adventurers

This blog post combines two of my favorite things: traveling and feminism. Here’s to having more women explorers going out there to make the world a better place.

American Vagabond

When we think of explorers, we naturally come up with names like Ponce Deleon, Megellan or Lewis & Clark. I say “naturally” because that’s what we have been taught. Not once in my American “education” was I told there were female adventurers and explorers. Most of us were probably not even told the whole truth concerning male explorers. I mean come on. Take John Smith for example. He took 500 folks to America and colonized in the name of England. Almost all of them died – 439 if you are keeping track. But, I bet all you really remember about Captain John Smith is his steamy affair with a young Indian girl named Pocahontas. Unfortunately that never happened. He made it up. Yep. The actual John Smith was a full blown liar and kind of a dick. The point here being: While we were being told lies and fairy tales in…

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